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 Additional Time To Pay



HJA must receive payment within 7 days of the end of auction. If payment is not received within the 7 days, you will be in default and your right to the item(s) will automatically be forfeited. HJA will then file a Non-Paying Bidder Alert to eBay (which may result in you being suspended indefinitely from eBay) if we do not receive payment by the eighth day after the end of the auction. You must notify us of any special circumstances that would delay you from meeting our payment policy requirements. Request additional time to pay.

We will turn over all non-paying bidders to collections. Our collections agency will mail and call in order to get payment completed. If not completed, all information is then turned over to all three credit reporting agencies for a default on a contract.


Upon approval to bid and accepting terms & conditions within the Ebay Live Auctions platform. All bids are considered a legally binding contract. If for any reason it should occur that you are unable to fulfill your obligation, the buyer's premium must be met in order to cancel out the transaction. This will allow us to recap our live auction expenses. NO EXCEPTIONS!

We strongly encourage household pets of any kind be kept away from your bidding console along with underage children sitting upon your lap while working the live auctions. These are not excuses that will alleviate your obligation to a winning bid. If you anticipate only in viewing the auctions, please open "VIEW LIVE" console and not the one marked "BID NOW" during the live auction event. We conclude buyers having hit the space bar or moved their mouse wrong as to winning items unwillingly. These are still occurrences that happen on the bidders end holding your party responsible.

Procedure to have your winning bid to be cancelled and deleted:
  1. You need to go through our checkout process, which at this time the buyer premium of 15% is calculated

  2. You need to go to PayPal directly to pay for this premium. (Our checkout link will not accept partial payments)

  3. You bid will be cancelled and deleted from our system, once we receive confirmation of this payment from PayPal. If you do not have PayPal account, you need to pay with credit card. We will not report this to eBay as a strike against your account.

 Our Commitment

   Satisfaction Guarantee 100%
   "No Hassle, No Questions Asked" return and refund policy
   Brand new jewelry with authenticity certificate
   On time and Insured Shipping
   Courteous staff
   Below wholesale prices direct from factory
   Easy consolidated checkout system
   Only 100% genuine gems & solid gold
   A beautiful design and finish at a great buy
   We honor all our Terms & Policies

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
- If for any reason you are not satisfied with any item, return it for either an exchange or a refund of the purchase price.
All personal information you submit is encrypted and 100% secure
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