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 The Truth About Why Jewelers Don't Want You to Know  How to Easily Get Huge Discount Jewelry Deals

Did you know that discount jewelry deals can be easily found online?

If your answer is no, it may be because traditional retail jewelers don't want you to know. In a way, it's like candle manufacturers not really wanting you to know about electric light bulbs. Online jewelry stores and auctions are the future of jewelry sales.

The ease of shopping, the wide variety and the rock-bottom prices that characterize online discount jewelry deals will eventually put traditional jewelry retailers in a spot where they simply cannot compete.

Jewelers want you to believe that you only get what you pay for, and you pay for what you get. Of course, online discount jewelry isn't free, but it's possible to save as much as 95 percent off of retail jewelry prices. The online world has much lower costs of doing business. They stock less inventory, hire fewer personnel and often have little or no property to maintain.

Traditional jewelry retail stores must purchase inventory to keep on hand in the store, pay salespeople to stay on the floor regardless of how many customers visit, and pay for expensive display cases and lighting. Online discount jewelry sites can charge much less for their items and still make a profit.

Jewelers want you to believe that jewelry is a luxury item. With the prices they charge, only those with plenty of disposable cash can seriously consider some of the jewelry items. But with the online discount jewelry deals available today, there's no reason why jewelry has to be a luxury item. Online jewelry stores make it possible to comparison shop and buy the piece you want at the best price.

When you buy jewelry from a traditional retail store, it's unlikely that the piece you buy will ever appreciate in value. The problem is that when you buy at retail, it's almost impossible for the value of the jewelry to increase any higher than the price you paid. On the other hand, when you buy discount jewelry online, you could probably resell it for an instant profit. Over time, your resell price could climb even higher.

One especially smart place to shop for discount jewelry is at online live jewelry auctions. Some auction sites start their bidding off at only a dollar. Of course, the final bid may be higher than that, but try walking into your local jewelry shop and offering them a dollar for something. They probably won't be amused.

There's one thing to watch out for when you're participating in live jewelry auctions. Don't give in to human nature. It's only natural to desire something for nothing. Jewelry prices online are much lower and you can pick up some great values. But don't expect to buy the Hope diamond for one dollar.

The best strategy for buying online is to first decide what kind of jewelry piece you want. Then shop around on the web and compare prices. Pretty soon, you'll recognize a pattern in the prices and you'll have a good idea what the item is really worth. Then start visiting the live jewelry auction sites and watch for what you want. When it appears (and it will), you'll be ready to bid an appropriate amount.

Once you've bought your chosen piece of jewelry, think how much fun it will be to go to a jewelry retail store and see how much they're charging for it.

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