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 Hot Tips for Saving 95% Off Retail With Fine Jewelry  Auctions

Thoughts of fine jewelry auctions might cause you to imagine an elegant room, a cultured auctioneer and bidders communicating their interest with a subtle wave or a raised eyebrow. In reality, live auctions of fine jewelry are pretty difficult to find these days. However, the world of online auctions is expanding rapidly. There are some incredible bargains available and maybe a few duds as well. Here are some hot tips for saving 95 percent off retail with fine jewelry auctions.

Know What You Want and What It's Worth

It's essential for you to be well-informed before you start bidding on items in fine jewelry auctions. You must do your research up front and know what specific items are worth. It's never a good idea to jump into the middle of any kind of auction without fully understanding what it is you're bidding on. You may find out later that the price of the item wasn't as good as it seemed. Fine jewelry auctions are exciting, but you should keep your wits about you and bid rationally, not emotionally.

Check the Seller's Reputation

One of the best ways that you can protect yourself when participating in fine jewelry auctions is to take notice of the seller's reputation if there's a feedback or comment system. Many auction sites offer a way for buyers to rate their experience with a particular seller. It's not necessary for an auction seller to be perfect, but you should be alert to patterns in the comments, like shipping difficulties or concerns about the quality or authenticity of what they've sold in the past. If there is no comment or rating system, or if the seller is new, then you'll need to rely on other signals to help inform your purchase.

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

Photos connected with fine jewelry auctions can often tell you a great deal about the item you're considering. It's not necessary for the seller to be a professional photographer, but the photos should be good enough to give you a good look at the item. At the same time, beware of photos that are too perfect--they might have been copied from a catalog or may not even be a real picture of the item.

Talk Things Over

Don't be afraid to communicate with the seller during the auction. If you have questions about an item, ask them--don't make assumptions. You can learn a lot in fine jewelry auctions from the seller's answers, the way they answer, and whether or not they answer your questions at all. An honest seller with an authentic item will be happy to tell you more and give you details. Vague answers and non-communication are warning signs to stay away and move on to the next item.

Online fine jewelry auctions are an excellent way to buy quality jewelry at greatly reduced prices. Auction sellers have no store to maintain and no employees to pay, so they have much lower profit margins. But it's vital that you educate yourself about the fine jewelry market before bidding, stick with well-rated sellers, and refuse to take things for granted. The great bargain that you land will be worth a little extra effort and patience.

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