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 The Best Places To Find Great Wholesale Jewelry

Are you looking for the best places to find wholesale jewelry? You might enjoy collecting beautiful jewelry and want to buy at the best price possible. Maybe you have decided to try your hand at selling on eBay and you believe that jewelry might sell well.

You might even be interested in starting a full-fledged jewelry business and you need product to sell. Or, you may just want to buy a piece or two of great jewelry at wholesale prices from a selection that individual retail stores are simply unable to offer. If any of these situations describe you, then you should definitely be interested in how to locate the best places to find great wholesale jewelry. The options available include tradeshows, wholesale directories, and online wholesalers.

Tradeshows are often a great place to find wholesale jewelry. Tradeshows provide a venue for jewelry distributors to display and sell their products. There is a cost for setting up their space at the show, but it's usually quite a bit less than maintaining a physical store. So you can often find great wholesale jewelry at very attractive prices. If you live in or near a metropolitan area, you should have no trouble finding tradeshows with great wholesale jewelry. Other areas may have shows as well, but they might be scheduled less often. The only downside to shopping for your wholesale jewelry at tradeshows is the amount of time it will take to attend and browse the selection. Tradeshows may not always be scheduled at the best time for you.

Another option for locating places to find great wholesale jewelry is using printed directories of wholesalers. These are large publications somewhat like the familiar Yellow Pages that list different wholesalers with their contact information. Most wholesaler directories will include listing for wholesale jewelry suppliers. These directories have always been excellent sources of information, but they tend to become outdated rather quickly, and there is no quick way to update them.

Buying wholesale jewelry online is becoming more and more popular. The internet is one of the best places to find great wholesale jewelry because you can browse items that are constantly being updated, look for items at your own pace (spending as little or as much time as you like), and compare prices among multiple wholesale jewelers to find the cheapest price for the best product.

When shopping online for wholesale jewelry, there are two different options available. First, online wholesale companies set up their own websites to offer great wholesale jewelry at excellent prices. They have almost completely eliminated middlemen and have greatly lowered the cost of doing business, so their prices can be very attractive.

Another option is to purchase jewelry from online jewelry auctions. Online jewelry auctions can often result in good bargains on wholesale jewelry, and besides that, they're just plain fun. Participating in online auctions for wholesale jewelry will also give you a very quick lesson on demand and help you recognize which items sell and which don't.

You'll probably want to avoid purchasing jewelry from online retailers who have simply added an online component to their retail operations. In most cases, their prices will mirror what they charge in the brick-and-mortar store. They may offer a wider selection online than they do in the store, but when you buy online from a retailer, it's you who are actually saving them money, not vice versa.

As you can see, there are a variety of ways to purchase great wholesale jewelry. Whether you feel like wandering through tradeshows, looking through directories of wholesalers or browsing online with various wholesalers and retailers, you should be able to find options that suit your personal shopping and buying style.

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